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John Lewis Art Competition

In December, class 1F entered the John Lewis 'Moz the Monster prize draw art competition.' They did not win in the randomly selected prize...

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4 months ago RT @OGPSinspired: A list of Brent secondary school open evenings.... if you are applying for 2018, take some time to have a look 👀 https://…


Parent Workshops

Last term we offered a variety of workshops for parents including reading, phonics, fine motor skills...please speak to your child's class teacher or assistant headteacher if there is anything...

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Values Tree

This week's Value Tree Awards go to:

Hiago 4P, Robert 3F, Alex 3F, Akilesh 1W, Lewis 2F, Ramzi 2F, Noah 2P, Prahalad 2P, Raj 2P, Amira 3F and Sham...

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Weekly Awards

Best Behaved Classes last week were 1W 1P 1S 1F 2W 2F 3P 4W 4S 4F 5F 6W and 6F.

The class with the highest attendance of 99.3% was 3P.


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Griffin - 608

Unicorn - 638

Dragon - 584

Centaur - 520

Sphinx - 580