Wembley Primary Children's Centre

Wembley Primary Children’s Centre is part of the Stadium Cluster. You may want to visit any of the Stadium Cluster centres below.

Church Lane CC
Fryent Primary School
Church Lane, Kingsbury
Tel: 020 8937 3890

Preston Park CC
College Road,
Wembley, HA9 8RJ
Tel: 020 8937 5980

The Willow CC
Barnhill Road
Wembley, HA9 9YP
Tel: 0208 937 6562

Mount Stewart CC
Mount Stewart Infants School, Carlisle Gardens,
Kenton, HA3 0JX
Tel: 020 8937 5970

Wembley Primary CC
East Lane, Wembley,
Tel: 020 8937 5590

Wembley Primary Children’s Centre believes that every child is unique, and that special and positive childhood experiences improve outcomes for children. We provide a wide range of services across our centres and in the community to support children and their families including Citizens Advice Brent, Employment and benefit support, family support and activities for you and your child. Click on the link for further information. https://www.brent.gov.uk/services-for-residents/children-and-family-support/childcare/childrens-centres/  


Facebook For up-to-date information about what is happening, follow us on the Stadium Cluster Children’s Centre Facebook page.  


Session Information The Stay, Play & Learn sessions are very popular. For health and safety reasons, we can only allow a certain number of families into the session. Once a session has started, if a family arrives later than 10 minutes, they may not be permitted into the session.

Telephone No: 020 8937 5590

Service Administrators



Centre manager
Antoinette Onyejiuwa

Brent Start Adult Education Courses

For more information about how you can enrol on a course run here at Wembley Primary School, contact:

Darlene Randelia

Programme Leader for Maths/Numeracy




Brent Start Adult Education Services (Brent Start) provides a selection of adult education course programmes right here at Wembley Primary School which enable you to study whilst your children are here in school. 

Many of the courses lead to nationally recognised qualifications which can help you with further study, to get a job or even get a better job. What's more, most course are free.


Hire time must include set up / clear up time and the premises must be left as you find them.

A retainer will be required if hiring includes use of the kitchen for catering purposes.

Proof of identity will be required when booking, together with a £1000 deposit.

For further information contact the Bursar, Mrs Dee O'Donnell on 0208 904 3725

Wembley Primary School spacious school hall and classrooms are open to lettings from private organisations and members of the public.  Please see the information below for details and costings, or click on the download for more information


• £75 per hour

• £40 flat rate for use of tables and chairs

• Outside areas - £35

• Maximum capacity – 200 people

• Exit times: 11pm weekdays, 12pm weekends


• £30 per hour

• 3-5 classrooms:  £75 per hour

• 6-10 classrooms:  £90 per hour

• 11- 15 classrooms: £100 per hour

• 16-20 classrooms: 120 per hour

Minimum hire charge: £100

The dimentions of the large hall is 17m x 19m (323 square metres)

The dimensions of the small hall is 5m x 10m (50 sqaure metres)

You can also take a Virtual Tour of the courtyard that leads out from both the large and small halls

Safer Neighbourhoods

Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Teams operate in every ward in Brent. To ensure each team is responsive to local needs they work closely with a ward panel, made up of people who live or work in the area, to assess local concerns and establish ward policing priorities.

The panels meet regularly to consider the community's concerns, identify and prioritise local issues and monitor the progress made by the Safer Neighbourhoods Team in tackling them. Each panel is chaired by a local resident.

Wembley Primary School is situated in the Preston Ward.  Wembley Primary School strongly urge parents, carers and all those living in our local community to become more actively involved in Brent's Preston Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team.