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Reception Spring Term Video

Sledging, bows and arrows, home made pencils ,how to make a fire (and hot chocolate), magnets, tornado tubes, Chinese New Year, an...

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3 days ago Lovely images of our fun day we held to raise money for #minipitches, the chidren took part in boxing sessions, min… https://t.co/fQDvgzBfSq


Parent Workshops

Last term we offered a variety of workshops for parents including reading, phonics, fine motor skills...please speak to your child's class teacher or assistant headteacher if there is anything...

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Values Tree

This week's Value Tree Awards go to:
Anvi 2F for Responsibility
Angel 3S for Determination
Sofia 2F for Perseverance
Mitesh 2F for...

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Weekly Awards

Best Behaved Classes were 1W, 1P, 1F, 2W, 2P, 2S, 2F, 3P, 3S, 5W, 5P, 5F and 6W.

The classes with the best attendance were 4P and 5S with 99%.


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Griffin - 608

Unicorn - 638

Dragon - 584

Centaur - 520

Sphinx - 580