The table below gives you the information regarding the Governing Body Membership from 2015. All governor posts have a 4 year term of office.

Name of Governor and Role


CFCC = Children Families and Curriculum Committee
Finance = Finance and Resources Committee
CA = Curriculum and Achievement

Relevant business and pecuniary interests

Date Appointed

Term Expires

Rob Fenton (Headteacher) Staff Finance None September 2006 Ex Officio
Ingrid Yarde (Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Governor) Co-Opted Finance, CCFC Safeguarding September 2006 02/07/2019
Alison Maher Staff N/A None December 2017 01/12/2021
Kanta Kerai Co-opted CCFC, CA None September 2006 10/02/2019
Michael Pavey (Vice-Chair) Co-opted CCFC, CA None September 2006 10/02/2019
Vincent McGovern Co-opted H&S None September 2006 01/03/2021
Helen Askwith (SEND Governor) Co-opted CCFC None March 2017 01/03/2021
Nadir Minar (Pupil Premium Governor) (C&A Chair) Co-opted CA Manages a tutoring service March 2012 10/02/2019
Arnold Musisi Local Authority Finance None December 2014 10/12/2018
Laila Holmgren Parent N/A None February 2018 01/02/2022
Shruti Soni (Chair CFCC) Parent N/A None February 2018 01/02/2022
Hannah Drakard Associate N/A None March 2017 01/03/2021
Nicki Parker Clerk to the Governing Body N/A None September 2013 Appointed Annually
Cally Akinsanya Ex-Governor CCFC None September 2006 10/02/2019
Daniela Predescu Ex-Governor CCFC, CA None January 2017 01/02/2021