The table below gives you the information regarding the Governing Body Membership from 2015. All governor posts have a 4 year term of office.

Name of Governor and Role


CFCC = Children Families and Curriculum Committee
Finance = Finance and Resources Committee
CA = Curriculum and Achievement

Relevant business and pecuniary interests

Date Appointed

Term Expires

Rob Fenton (Headteacher) Staff Finance None September 2006 Ex Officio
Ingrid Yarde (Chair and Safeguarding Governor) Co-Opted Finance, CCFC Safeguarding September 2006 02/07/2019
Alison Maher Staff N/A None December 2017 01/12/2021
Kanta Kerai (C&A Chair) Co-opted CCFC, CA None September 2006 10/02/2019
Michael Pavey (Vice-Chair) Co-opted CCFC, CA None September 2006 10/02/2019
Vincent McGovern Co-opted H&S None September 2006 01/03/2021
Helen Askwith (SEND Governor) Co-opted CCFC None March 2017 01/03/2021
Nadir Minar (Pupil Premium Governor) Co-opted CA Manages a tutoring service March 2012 10/02/2019
Arnold Musisi Local Authority Finance None December 2014 10/12/2018
Laila Holmgren Parent N/A None February 2018 01/02/2022
Shruti Soni Parent N/A None February 2018 01/02/2022
Hannah Drakard Associate N/A None March 2017 01/03/2021
Nicki Parker Clerk to the Governing Body N/A None September 2013 Appointed Annually
Cally Akinsanya Ex-Governor CCFC None September 2006 10/02/2019
Daniela Predescu Ex-Governor CCFC, CA None January 2017 01/02/2021