Senior Leadership

Name: Mr R. Fenton
Position: Headteacher
Name: Mrs A. Taylor-Kent
Position: Deputy Headteacher
Class: Acting Headteacher in Mr Fenton's Absence
Name: Mr S Barr
Position: Deputy Headteacher
Name: Mrs K. Atkinson
Position: Assistant Headteacher
Class: Phase Leader of KS1 (Currently On Maternity Leave)
Name: Ms K. Medford
Position: Assistant Headteacher
Class: Phase Leader of Years 2 & 3
Name: Mrs C. Kirkbride
Position: Assistant Headteacher
Class: Phase Leader of Years 5 & 6 (KS2)
Name: Ms S. Griffith
Position: Assistant Headteacher
Class: SENCO



Name: Mrs M. Evaghoras
Position: Teacher (currently on maternity leave)
Class: Nursery


Name: Mrs D Pindoria
Position: EYFS Leader
Class: RW
Name: Miss D. Ramji
Position: Teacher
Class: RP
Name: Mr D. Trumper
Position: Teacher
Class: RS
Name: Mrs S. Asghar
Position: Teacher (currently on maternity leave)
Class: RF


Year 1

Name: Ms A. Chaudhry
Position: KS1 Science Leader
Class: 1W
Name: Miss S. Patel
Position: KS1 Phonics Leader
Class: 1P
Name: Mrs R. Howes
Position: KS1 Literacy Leader
Class: 1S
Name: Miss N. Macaulay
Position: Teacher
Class: 1F

Year 2

Name: Miss S. Low
Position: KS1 Maths Leader
Class: 2W
Name: Miss S. Carty
Position: Teacher
Class: 2P
Name: Miss Ladak
Position: Teacher
Class: 2S
Name: Ms E. Adam
Position: Teacher
Class: 2F

Lower KS2

Year 3

Name: Ms C Benjamin
Position: PSED & RE Leader
Class: 3W
Name: Miss A. Le Fleurier
Position: MFL Leader
Class: 3P
Name: Ms L. MacIvor
Position: Teacher
Class: 3S
Name: Miss Khan
Position: Teacher
Class: 3F

Year 4

Name: Miss Williams
Position: Teacher
Class: 4W
Name: Miss MacGregor
Position: Music Leader
Class: 4P
Name: Miss E. Haines
Position: KS1 Computing Leader
Class: 4S
Name: Miss Ofosu
Position: Teacher
Class: 4F

Upper KS2

Year 5

Name: Miss N. Maskill
Class: 5W
Name: Mrs R. Gorsia
Position: Art and DT Leader
Class: 5P
Name: Ms S. Tobutt
Position: KS2 Literacy Leader
Class: 5S
Name: Mr B. Horwood
Position: Teacher
Class: 5F

Year 6

Name: Miss N. Watson
Position: KS2 Science Leader
Class: 6W
Name: Ms B. Mentore
Position: KS2 Maths Leader
Class: 6P
Name: Mrs A. Maher
Position: Geography & History Leader
Class: 6S
Name: Miss S. Maremanda
Position: KS2 Computing Leader
Class: 6F


Name: Mr R. Thomas
Position: Sports Coach & PE Leader
Class: PE


Name: Mrs S. Louca
Position: Welfare Assistant
Name: Miss R. Bernadinis
Position: SMSA Supervisor
Name: Mrs S. Sherwani
Position: Attendance Coordinator


Name: Mrs D O'Donnell
Position: School Business Manager
Name: Mr D. Patel
Position: ICT Manager
Name: Ms S. Thompson
Position: Receptionist
Name: Ms M. Roye-Davids
Position: Administrator
Name: Mrs S. Joseph
Position: Administrator

Site Managers

Name: Mr T Sheerin
Position: Facilities Manager
Name: Mr F. John
Position: Site Manager