Classrooms at Wembley Primary School are light and airy.  Each is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and Visualiser to enrich teaching and learning and enthuse children.  Displays are changed regularly to showcase children's achievements, and act as a tool of reference to support children.  Early Years, Years 1 and 2 classrooms benefit from quick and easy access to outdoor learning areas.  These are used daily as part of our creative approach to curriculum learning.


The courtyard is the central hub of Wembley Primary School, a place where children, parents and carers meet at the beginning of each day to greet their teachers before going off to classes to begin the days' lessons.



We are extremely fortunate to have so much outdoor space here at Wembley Primary School.  Children have five different playground areas to choose from, in addition a 'Multi-Use Games Area' (MUGA), and very popular adventure playground!