PE and Sports Premium

So far this financial year (2018-2019), the grant amount that we have received has totalled £9,258 out of a budget figure of £24,600.

We intend to continue improving provision for PE and sport by:

  • Maintaining a qualified sports coach with the primary aim of developing teachers when teaching P.E. with our new PE scheme (Create Development – Real PE).

  • Organising, leading and participating in sporting competitions with others schools, with a view to increasing the participation from our least confident and least active children.

  • Widening the range of sports and sports equipment that children experience within PE, and as part of our extended school offer e.g. NFL flag football, non- contact boxing( Sweet Science), Gaelic Football, Ice skating.

  • Subsidising the cost of sports residential trips for disadvantaged children.

  • Combining a proportion of the PE and Sports grant with Pupil Premium funding to develop sports programs which aim to encourage positive behaviour, and remove barriers to learning.

    Last year, the funding supported training pupils for competitive events in the local authority. This included athletics, swimming, Tri Golf, Kwik Cricket and football. Consequently our performance has improved; for example:
    October- Year 5&6 Football tournament (quarter final stage)

    October-January Brent league Year 5&6 (2nd in the league)
    February – Brent Cup Year 5 &6 (Semi Final; finished 3rd)
    March - (5th place out 11 schools), May -Tri Golf Year 5 (3rd place) Medals May -Year 3&4 Mini Wimbledon tennis tournament (5th out of 10 schools) June-Year 5&6 Kwik Cricket (Quarter Finals) June- Year 5&6 Brent Sports Championships (Winners 1st place)

    Mr Thomas, our qualified Sports coach, is employed to improve the quality of skills training, promote healthy eating and importance of daily exercise and direct lunch time sport workshops. These include basketball, cricket, tennis, football, skipping games and other sports. The Key Stage 2 children, as PE leaders and officials, are used to help the younger children with their workshops.

    The school will be introducing ‘Change 4 Life Food Smart’ which will teach children the importance of healthy eating.

    Another program the school will be introducing is the ‘Premier League Primary Stars’ which will help children with different aspects of their learning such as being ambitious, providing inspiration, diplomacy and making connections.