The Kosmo Awards

Published on 27th of February 2017

The first Kosmo Grand Writer Award Assembly took place today with Mr Fenton giving out an award to one pupil from each class who has made the most progress in their writing. Parents were invited to watch their children receive this prestigous award.

Congratulations to last half-term's winners:

1W: Sufeeyah 1P: Muhammed 1S: Adam 1F: Melany

2W: Kulsum 2P: Mehul 2S: Emmanuel 2F: Deyshia

3W: Shania 3P: Khatera 3S:Muskan 3F: Muhanad

4W: Elsa 4P: Elsa 4S: Garry 4F: Ishbagh

5W: Rushanthan 5P: Lauxmini 5S:Duha 5F: Dua

6W: Vincent 6P: Maya 6S: Arjan 6F: Patriks

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