School Vision and Values

Our School Vision

Our school's vision puts the child at the centre of everything we do; we aspire to provide an outstanding school where all of our children reach their full potential.

Like the Phoenix
Rise to our Challenges

Strengthen our Learning

And Shine in our Community


Our School

Wembley Primary School is multi-cultural school that embraces the many different religions and cultures that make up our community. We provide a variety of opportunities throughout the school to help children develop into global citizens who make informed choices. We strive for our pupils to value and respect themselves and each other, as we are all part of the WPS family.


Our School Values

We aim to provide: 

  • teaching of the highest standard and quality                                                                                                         
  • a curriculum that is tailored to our children and provides rich and memorable learning experiences  
  • a culture of respect and tolerance for all and a positive community spirit. We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and within this context we strive to provide an environment where self-esteem, self-confidence, responsibility and professionalism are fostered  
  • an interactive, stimulating environment where children and adults can acquire lifelong skills and knowledge  
  • opportunities for a positive and active partnership with parents, carers, governors and the wider local community  
  • a partnership which reflects and draws upon the richness and diversity of the community we serve.

As a Rights Respecting School, Wembley Primary School's vision and values are described within the words of our school promise and on our Values Tree.  Please see the document below for more information on how we link our Values to RRS articles and British Values. This promise, captured in memory by all the children and repeated within each assembly, reflects our commitment to always work hard and do our best in pursuit of achieving our aims.


Our School Promise

 I begin with me
 and aspire to be
 someone who grows in heart and mind
 I aim to progress
 to be my best
 and to myself I promise...
 To believe in achieving
 To always try
 To learn my best abilities
 To listen and think
 To target, aim, fire
 To achieve my capabilities
 I begin with me
 at Wem-b-ley
 so I progress successfully!